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Business Is Booming!
So Right Now You Could Save A Lot On A Car That’s The Bomb!

Hey this is David & Greg Hobbs from David Hobbs Honda. Business is booming, so we're blowing up the reasons keeping most of our neighbors stuck in a car they hate.

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Bad credit?— NO PROBLEM! BOOM!
Down payment money tight?—NO PROBLEM! BOOM!
Still making payments?—NO PROBLEM! BOOM!

Because right now you could take A LOT OFF the price of a Nicer, Newer® car based on the price of the car you pick.

So if the flame has gone out on your old ride, drive a Nicer, Newer® car today!

Plus, you could save A LOT in the process!

But hurry! This deal will blow up fast and absolutely won’t last past the end of the month.

I'm David & Greg Hobbs and I'm a Dealer FOR The People.

Just give us a call at (866) 489-3049 or type in your information below and we'll get in touch with you.

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*Credit requires bank approval. Vehicle purchase price determines actual discount. Negative equity may be refinanced. “Nicer, Newer”, “For The People” and “Everyone Deserves To Drive A Nicer, Newer Car” are registered trademarks used under license. Offer absolutely ends on July 31, 2019.

David Hobbs Honda
6100 N. Green Bay Avenue
Glendale, WI 53209
Phone: (866) 489-3049
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